1. Eugelon was the oldest living elephant.

        What do you think his name means?

2. The name "Thurston" is also an anagram.

        Can you unscramble the letters

            to find out what his name really means?

3. Anton and Molly had trouble with a tree.

        Do you know of another family

          that had a problem with a tree?

4. Hurry was angry with Thurston for not following him.

        Which is better to lead

          or to know where you are going?

5. Wink and Blink were both Big-Eyed owls;

            but, they liked different things.

        Could you describe a place where Wink

            would like to live?

6. MUS and TUS were both trying to do good

            by guarding the narrow way.

         Who was right?

7. The terrible tiger was afraid to lose.

            Was Thurston afraid of anything?

8. The no-name monkey was very smart.

        Why did he have to be told about the vine?

9. The elephants were waiting for Thurston.

        What did they want him to do?

10. At the end Thurston was bigger

             than all the other elephants.

        Do you think he will return to the Plain of Shinar?